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Hey everyone!





The beautiful Bianca from Bianca’s Beauty Book has nominated me for a lovely blogger award!! Thank you so much! She is one my best friends both in the blogger world and in the real world and I think you should all check her out she’s¬†amazing! ‚̧


Rules of the award:

  • Thank the person (or lovely girls) who nominated you
  • Add the ‚ÄúOne Lovely Blog Award‚ÄĚ image to your post
  • Share 7 things about you
  • Pass the award to seven nominees
  • Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs


These are my seven nominees! 

  1. A Proper Cup of Tea
  2. Amateur Beauty Blogette
  3. Beauty and Lifestyle of a Broke College Girl
  4. Han Made
  5. Monita Mayo
  6. Confessions of My Obsessions
  7. CosmetiCatilin

There are a few others that I would have loved to nominate but I narrowed them down to these seven in the end! 


Seven Things About Me:

  1. I am terrified of all bugs especially spiders and centipedes, oh and COCKROACHES!! AHHH
  2. I have Interstitial Cystitis¬†which is really annoying but I’ve learned to deal with it.
  3. I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and can detect scents others can’t! My family loves to joke saying I could be one of those drug sniffing dogs at the airport LOL Along with that comes sensitive taste buds too! Which means I am a picky eater and hate things like seafood.
  4. I love the Summer and everything about it. The beach, the warmth, the tan, the weather, the sun, everything! I plan on moving to San Diego one day (hopefully when I graduate next May) from New Jersey because I’d rather have that kind of weather all year long instead of two months out of the year!¬†
  5. I love doing problem solving activities like puzzles, Sudoku, Unblock Me app on iPhone, building furniture or other things, organizing, etc!
  6. I am a germaphobe! I think it started when I was constantly breaking out in hives after touching who knows what which eventually lead me where I am today. I cannot touch anything out of my house and then touch my face without washing my hands first. I also change my clothes as soon as I get home into “house clothes” mostly because I consider whatever I went out with covered in germs and also I want to be comfy! Those clothes have a special drawer (because sometimes I’ll only wear the clothes for an hour or two so I don’t think they NEED to be washed) and then I will wear them again at a later time, but I never mixed my washed clothes with clothes I’ve been out with already. Some people think I’m nuts but I don’t care! haha
  7. A little about my family: I have two sisters, one older by a year and a half and one younger by nine and a half years. My older sister got engaged and her engagement party is coming up in two weeks! She lives in a town¬†20-30 min from me and¬†my younger sister lives with my mom in Florida. I live with my dad and my boyfriend¬†who’s name is Christian and we’ve been together for three and a half years (four in September!).


I hope you all get to know more of me in the future!


Dove Clinical Protection Review

Hey everyone!

I was at Target last week getting a few things that I ran out of and headed straight for the beauty clearance section. LOL I always check it out in case I see any great deals. Well I ended up seeing a bunch of Dove’s Clinical Protection¬†deodorants¬†on sale. They came in different smells but I chose the Clear Tone one because it said it would also help to lighten the dark parts of my pits! These were only $5.45 and came with a mini attached I hurried and bought one to try out.

dove clinical protection clear tone

Clearance at Target, Dove Clinical Protection Clear Tone deodorant/anti-perspirant

dove clinical protection original clean

Clearance at Target, Dove Clinical Protection Original Clean Mini (attached to full size Clear Tone)

I have used Secret’s pH Balanced deodorant in spring breeze for about 6-7 years now. I like the smell and thought it definitely helped me out the most when it came to body odor and sweating. I never thought I was one who needed a clinical deodorant but have always thought I would like to try one.¬†I am a heavy sweater,¬†profusely at times, which is embarrassing and not to mention I do get stinky! Most deodorants I have tried (even another Dove one) have never been able to control the odor, which is my main concern. Some wouldn’t even last a few hours! So, I didn’t have high hopes for this but I am glad I was wrong!

This is labeled as a deodorant and anti-perspirant, which I think it does both VERY well! It comes in a twist up package like most, but is not a solid. It twists up as a liquid/foam and then you can spread it under your arms. It was a little strange for me since I am so used to solids. I got used to it fast though. It has a pleasant scent which isn’t overpowering. It smells a little like baby powder. The first time I used it I wore it for two days (I was at home the second day not leaving the house at all so I thought I would shower at night to see the lasting power).

Dove Clinical Protection Clear Tone

Dove Clinical Protection Clear Tone

Dove Clinical Protection Clear Tone

Dove Clinical Protection Clear Tone

The first day I wore it I had a final and it was rainy and humid out all day. When it is humid out, my sweating goes from normal to DRENCH mode! Someone even asked me if I was okay because I looked awkward. I think he was just trying to be nice because my face was dripping wet! I don’t know why the humidity does that to me but needless to say it was a great day to test it out!

The second day wasn’t really humid anymore but I was doing many things around the house which caused me to work up a sweat since we didn’t have the air conditioning on. This is cause in NJ the weather is crazy and it’s hot one day and cold the next! Thank you Spring!

The night of the second day I smelled myself and barely smelled at all! Not to mention the deodorant lasted the whole time too! I even made my boyfriend smell and he was like WOW that is amazing! HAHA

After about a week, I’ve noticed that it also isn’t as drying as my other deodorant is which is really nice on my armpits. Especially since it’s getting warmer out and I’ll be shaving more often, they will be happy that they don’t get dried out on top of the irritation from shaving! As for the lightening of the dark pits, I don’t really have dark pits to begin with and I haven’t been using it for long enough to see if it did anything.

Anyways, I definitely recommend this to anyone who tends to smell a bit more than usual, sweats more than usual, or for anyone in the Summer. I know some Targets have different sale items but check your local one to see if they are on sale there, if not I’m sure you can find one online. Also, if you buy 2 deodorants or more at Target they give you $5 gift cards! Since I went back and bought 4 more for the summer my bf ended up getting $10! ūüėÄ Check it out and let me know what you think of it in the comments! ūüėÄ

TL;DR– If you sweat/smell more than usual, whether in the Summer or all year long, def try this out!


How to: Cover Dark or Blue Under Eye Circles

Hey Everyone!

Brace yourselves! MY BARE FACE IS COMING! haha

Jokes aside, it is really scary putting your BARE, SICK face out on the interwebs.

Here is a little background for today’s post.

I am very sick! I have had a sinus infection for about three weeks now and it has reached its peak horridness this past week. I finally went to the doc’s and got some antibiotics but I am now feeling ten times worse! Hopefully it’s what people say ” you have to get worse before you can get better.”

I usually don’t have blue/dark circles at all. The most I have is bags/puffiness but not discoloration. However, due to being sick I have had really bad blue/yellow/ugly discolorations around my eyes. My skin has also been wreaking havoc. It seems like no matter how much moisturizer I put on my skin is just like a desert. SUPER DRY. Not to mention it has also been itchy, this may be due to allergies or¬†eczema¬†acting up.Just last night I put on a ton of Vitamin E oil (my holy grail for fixing anything wrong with my skin- dry patches, acne, acne scars, etc!) and my face is still quenching.

Anyways this sickness gave me the opportunity to do this post for you guys since last Saturday I came up with this because I don’t usually have discoloration. I liked the way it came out! My friend Bianca¬†told me she didn’t even notice I was wearing makeup!! So here it is!

Bare Face! No Makeup!

As you can see above: I have super dry, itchy skin (esp in the cheek area), swollen in between the eyes from my sinusitis and that is where most of the discoloration is as you’ll see in a photo below, and my lips are also super dry! They usually have more color to them :(. Also, I have my hair back which is not the most flattering for my face haha AND I have thick, unruly eyebrows and really.. can anyone be bothered with that when they are having migraines, face pain, earache,¬†dizziness, fatigue, etc!! So bear with me but I promise these tips are good!



So to begin, you need to understand color theory. On a color wheel, directly across blue/purple is orange/yellow. Which means they are complementary. Placed next to each other, they make each other’s colors pop more. But placed on top of each other, they should cancel out one another.


Taking that and applying it to skin, the most commonly used skin correctors are yellow and orange.

You probably have heard of salmon colored concealers to cancel out the darkness/blue/purple under the eyes. Well it works wonders!

The first product I use to color correct under my eyes is the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Waterproof Concealer in Tan. I bought this in a set during their Black Friday sale and there were only four colors available. I chose tan, knowing medium would probably be too light. However, tan was just too dark! I have this problem A LOT! It is also a bit too orange for my skin tone. But it didn’t stop me from using this product. I made it work for me! Because it is actually very good at not creasing much and it lasts a long time.

how to cover dark under eye circles Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer Tan Swatch

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer Tan

how to cover dark under eye circles Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer Tan Swatch on NC35

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer Tan Swatch on NC35 skin

Here you can see I squirted out a tiny drop of the concealer but I will not even use half of that! Even with all the discoloration. (Usually I just use almost nothing) This product is highly pigmented. I wish I could squeeze out less, but this is the littlest amount I can usually squeeze out.

I applied the Tarte concealer in the inner corner area of my eye, where most of my discoloration is and tapped it out a bit, but not too far from its original place. This is going to cancel out the blue/purple. I also added a bit to the outer area of my eye because you could also see some blue there.


I usually don’t even use this much!


Added more because I wasn’t satisfied with coverage.. that’s how bad the discoloration is!



Blended out, you can see it is quite orange against my skin. I have a very yellow undertone but I have a very red/pink overtone in my face due to rosacea/eczema. However, it has cancelled out the blueish discoloration fairly well. In the pic because the concealer is moist there is a glare but it doesn’t flashback (no SPF). Also, because of the flash in the camera the obvious orange color is not SO obvious in person.


I noticed I also had some darkness/blue on the outer corner of my eye where I applied some more concealer and proceeded to blend it out.


Okay so here it is all blended out. Now I want to do a bit of brightening in the inner eye area because the part of my nose between my eyes is a bit swollen and also it makes you look more awake. To do this I use MAC’s Studio Finish concealer in shade NC30 which is too light for me but I can use it as basically a highlight for the inner corner of my eye. It contains SPF but used lightly it won’t flashback.

how to cover dark under eye circles MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30

MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30


I’m not sure if you can see the lightening effect on the inner corner of the eye because it is creamy and flashes light at the camera but you might be able to see it after I powder it. So next I use a translucent powder to set it right under my eye where it tends to crease because of fine lines. Here I am using MAC’s Prep + Prime Loose Powder. I apply it with a brush that is called PP13 Blending Fluff from Crown Brush. If you have the Real Techniques Setting brush it is very similar in shape and size to that one. It is a perfect size to fit in the orbital bone area.

how to cover dark under eye circles MAC Prep and Prime Loose Powder

MAC Prep and Prime Loose Powder

how to cover dark under eye circles Pink Blending Fluff Brush Crown PP13

Pink Blending Fluff PP13 Crown Brush

With the same brush I then applied Clinique’s Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder all over the orange-y area. This will brighten under your eye as well as blend the concealer better into the rest of your skin.

how to cover dark under eye circles Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder

Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder- a yellow powder used to neutralize redness; in my case, brighten the under eye area.

how to cover dark under eye circles

That looks much better!

Now I didn’t want people getting upset that the rest of the concealer didn’t blend well into my skin. If I put foundation on it would be blended in and look great! So instead of going through my foundation routine, I just added a bit of MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium-Deep to the one side of my face since it also has a more orange undertone (which I use more in Summer when I am tan and my undertone leans more towards orange).

how to cover dark under eye circles MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Deep

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Deep all over right side of face along with the concealed right eye.

beforehow to cover dark under eye circles  after

how to cover dark under eye circles comparison of concealer

In the first picture you can see the left side of my face is bare while my right side is concealed and face is powdered; see the difference?

Here you can see that the eye that is covered up looks great compared to the one with no makeup!

how to cover dark under eye circles up close concealed eye comparison

before and after close up of my right eye

how to cover dark under eye circles before and after concealed eye

On the left is my before picture of the right eye and on the right is the after picture of my right eye. You can see the dramatic difference!

So anyways I hope you enjoyed this and learned something! Feel free to ask any questions or share your tips below!

I don’t want to leave you all with such horrendous photos of me so here are two that I like ūüėČ

linkedinpic pic

I used to have blonde hair! haha


IMATS NYC First Experience & Haul

Hey everyone!

Imats haul 2013 nyc first experience embryolisse lait creme concentre lotion micellaire eve pearl flawless face palette problender beauty blender kisses of pearl lipgloss in hey sexy ben nye final seal alcone co royal and langnickel brushes morphe brushes cici fashion brushes hakuhodo brushes

Imats Haul!

Okay this is LONG overdue! IMATS in NYC was April 5th-7th this year.

My friend Bianca and I ended up only being able to go on Sunday the 7th because they were sold out for Saturday! This might have been to our advantage as there wasn’t as many people, that I thought would have been there, on Sunday. This was Bianca and I’s first time at IMATS! First I’ll post what I got ¬†and then I’ll go on to write about my experience.¬†As you will see from this haul, I am a brush whore! lol Most of my purchases were brushes and I would have gotten more but I restrained myself haha (I won’t next year though!)

First Booth we stopped at was

Royal and Langnickel:

Royal and Langnickel on imats bag 2013 nyc brushes

They were on the IMATS bags that were given out at the entrance for a good reason!

They have a huge selection of brushes which Bianca and I were a bit overwhelmed about at first. Finally though I decided on these three brushes.

Royal and Langnickel brushes imats nyc 2013

Royal and Langnickel brushes

From left to right:

1) Silk Synthetic Eyebrow brush List Price: $3.99

Paid Price: $3.00

I got this brush mainly because I like to do eyeshadow liner along my lash lines (since I don’t fill in my brows).

2) Silk Synthetic Mini Smudger List Price: $5.99

Paid Price: $4.00

I plan on using this for smudging and applying eyeshadow on the lower lashline or more precisely on the upper lashline.

3) Silk Synthetic Smudger List Price: $7.99

Paid Price: $5.00

I got this for smudging! lol

Total Paid: $12.00        Savings: $5.00+Shipping

You may think its not a lot to save but I got relatively small brushes that were not discounted as much as sets, or larger brushes. Also, its never the same buying offline when you can actually see the size and the feel of the brushes before you buy them! I’ve made that mistake in the past haha

Now I don’t remember what order the next booths came in so here they are in random order.


I have heard amazing things about these brushes and how soft they are and they are all TRUE! Their brushes are the softest brushes I’ve EVER felt!! These brushes weren’t discounted but I picked them up anyways because of the reasons I stated before: you can’t see/feel the brushes online plus no shipping fees!

Hakuhodo brushes imats nyc 2013 softer cheaper Mac 217 dupe

Hakuhodo brushes which are MAC 217 dupes that are cheaper and softer!

Eyeshadow Brush Round & Flat: I got two of them. List Price: $18.00 each

Although I paid the list price this brush is an exact dupe for MAC’s famous 217 brush, However, MAC’s brush is $23.00 and not even close to being as soft as the Hakuhodo one. So I feel like I definitely saved more than just $5.00 there!

Total Paid: $36.00        Savings: $10.00+Shipping

Morphe Brushes:

Morphe brushes imats 2013 nyc crown brushes

Morphe brushes which are the same as Crown brushes

Left to Right:

1) IB116 Round Tapered Crease: List Price: $2.89

Paid Price: $2.00

I don’t have a brush this shape and this size so I decided to grab it!

2) IB119 Deluxe Crease Blender: List Price: $2.99

Paid Price: $2.00

I actually have this brush already which I brought from Crown Brushes. They are the same exact brush and are even labeled the same! Anyways I really like this brush for blending ūüėÄ

3) PP16 Mini Smudger: List Price: $1.99

Paid Price: $2.00

¬†Yes, I paid one more cent than I should have! Like the brush above, I have this brush from my Crown Brush purchase a few years ago. I love it for applying eyeshadow on the lower lash line and even on the upper lash line for a subtle effect. It’s soft but not very stiff.

Total Paid: $6.00        Savings: $1.80+Shipping

Cici Fashion Brushes:

CiCi Fashion Brushes imats 2013 nyc jumbo fan brushes

CiCi Fashion Brushes

From Left to Right:

1) Supreme Fan Brush- HM301: List Price: $15.25

Paid Price: $10.00

I love jumbo fan brushes to apply powder blush and contour. I was hoping I’d find the same brush that I bought from crown brushes called jumbo kabuki fan brush¬†but they didn’t have any. This one and the one below were the only jumbo fans I found at IMATS!! I guess they are not popular enough. But I ended up with two because this one was softer, but less dense and the one below was denser, but not as soft. I’ll see how they perform, hopefully as good as the one I have!

2) Large Fan Brush-NYY001: List Price: $9.85

Paid Price: $7.50

Again this brush is denser but less soft than the one above.

3) Eye Blending Brush-NHY012: List Price: $3.65

Paid Price: $2.50

Just another blending brush very similar in shape and size to the round tapered crease brush above except made of sable hair rather than italian badger.

Total Paid: $20.00        Savings: $8.75+Shipping

Embryolisse was its own separate booth but it was being sold by the Alcone Company so I’m going to put them together.

Alcone Company:

Ben Nye Final Seal Setting Spray imats 2013 nyc

Ben Nye Final Seal from Alcone Co.

1) Ben Nye’s Final Seal: List Price: $7.00

Paid Price: $7.00

Yes, NO discount which I am pretty disappointed about but oh well. At least I didn’t have to pay shipping! I have heard great things about this but have yet to try it. When I do I will do a full review! I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have anymore Ben Nye’s Banana Powder! All sold out.. oh well maybe next year.

embryolisse lotion micellaire no rinse makeup remover and lait-creme concentre imats 2013  nyc alcone co

Embryolisse Lotion Micellaire and Lait-Creme Concentre from Alcone Co.

From Left to Right:

2) Embryolisse Lotion Micellar No Rinse Makeup Remover: List Price: $32.00

Paid Price: $27.00

I was actually looking to get the famous Bioderma Crealine H2O¬†but they didn’t have it and they said this one was very similar. I am still testing it and so far not sure about my opinion and if it really is worth the money.

3) Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre: List Price: $28.00

Paid Price: 2 for $50.00 or $25.00 each

I had tried a very small size of this from Birchbox using birchbox points and fell in love with it (even my boyfriend too!). So I knew this was one of the things I wanted to get most at IMATS. It is expensive mostly because it is not really sold that much here in the states. I feel like you could get it cheaper in France, obviously. But it is definitely a must have, especially for sensitive skin! It is marketed it as a moisturizer and makeup primer in one. I just use it as my regular moisturizer, but I think the reason it works so well for me is because it is also a primer. I feel like it may create a barrier between my skin and the environment, like pollution and other harmful environmental factors that my skin loves to react to. I noticed immediately the day after I started using this again that my skin was less irritated and so smooth! So for me its not just a moisturizer, which it is also amazing at hydrating, but a protective barrier from the harsh elements and pollution!

Total Paid: $84.00        Savings: $11.00+Shipping

¬†And by now you may be wondering… where is any makeup?! here it is! last but not least is

Eve Pearl:

Eve Pearl Flawless Face Palette in light Problender beauty blender Kisses of Pearl Lipgloss in hey sexy imats 2013 nyc

Eve Pearl

1) The Flawless Face Palette: List Price: $98.00

Paid Price: $58.00

Bianca and I were starting to realize we had NO makeup in our bags at IMATS and went all out at the Eve Pearl booth! It was really the best values at IMATS! We got one of the makeup artists to color match us to the concealers and then Bianca ended up getting the blush and highlighter as well, which sold both of us on the palette!

2) Problender: List Price: $20.00

Paid Price: 2 for $15.00

These are super similar to the Beauty Blender, which I was planning to hit up next with my birchbox points! They are latex free and come in three colors! Of course, we chose pink! haha

3) Kisses of Pearl Lipgloss in Hey Sexy: List Price: $26.00

Paid Price: FREE

Since Bianca and I, both paid exact change in cash for the palette and problenders, the lady gave us a lipgloss each for free! So nice!!

Total Paid: $73.00        Savings: $78.50+Shipping


Total Paid at IMATS (including the ticket which was $50.00): $281.00

Total Savings: $115.05

I think IMATS is amazing and if you love all things beauty you should definitely try to go! Do your research beforehand you can look out for price differences and where the best deals are. Also if you know what you want ahead of time, you know how much money to bring and where to go first. I didn’t get a chance to buy anything from Inglot or OCC because the lines were ridiculous (the whole time!) and I just couldn’t be bothered! Plus I wasn’t sure about the discounts and I had no idea what I even wanted. I think if you have never experienced IMATS before bring about $150-300. It doesn’t mean you have to spend it all but it’s nice to know you don’t have to hold back! Also, you don’t really HAVE to do research and look things up beforehand. You can and it might help out but I managed fine and I liked just taking it all in as I was there for the first time, but that’s just me haha. You can easily do a whole years worth of shopping here! I probably won’t buy anymore makeup until I see another huge sale (most likely black friday/cyber monday). So make your purchases COUNT when you go to IMATS. Anyways I hope you all enjoyed my haul and experience at IMATS! If any of you out there have gone I’d love to see your hauls!

Don’t forget to check out my friend Bianca’s IMATS Haul!


Il Baretto : Restaurant Review

il baretto restaurant nyc review front door

Il Baretto is located in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. My friend Bianca and I decided on a whim to go there for lunch during IMATS which was around the corner from this place. We were famished and could not wait to sit down and rest for a bit while satisfying our appetite. One of the reviewers on yelp said it was a “hidden gem” and it had 5 stars from a good amount of people. I was hoping our experience would be the same…

and it was!

This place is very small, but super cozy with a great ambiance. They had a few tables to sit at as well as a coffee table penisula-d in by a  couch and some chairs for those who just wanted some wine, good company and a light dish. Bianca and I chose a table and the server brought us fresh water in a vase while we searched the menu. I decided to go with a half salad/half soup combo (think Panera) consisting of their Spinaci salad: spinach, avocado, sesame, cherry tomatoes and provolone and their soup of the day: mushroom lentil soup and a Sweet Alessia which is an espresso with hot chocolate, milk and whipped cream. Bianca went for a chicken salad wrap and a coffee.

After receiving our food, freshly ground pepper was offered to us for our meals, which I took advantage of ūüėĬ†The salad was fresh with a good amount of avocado (which I love!) and I fell in love with the mushroom lentil soup. The soup was a dark forest green, not your typical pea soup green, with black flecks which were probably spices. It had great texture for a creamier soup, no lumps or chewy bits which worked well for this soup because the flavors melded together better rather than tasting each flavor individually. And the taste was that of a delicious pea soup with a meatier flavor from the mushrooms. I could also taste a hint of olive oil which was refreshing and gave it a better smoother texture. In the end I ordered a second bowl of the soup on its own it was THAT¬†delicious. The sweet alessia was perfect, it had just the right amount of bitter and sweet for me!

Bianca and I spent hours at this place just chatting away and catching up since it had been a while since we saw each other. All that time no one rushed us out or made us order anything more, very inviting, relaxing at home atmosphere. For those of you, like myself, who drink a ton of water and need to frequent the bathroom quite often you’ll be happy to know that the bathroom at Il Baretto was clean and had a cute mirrored dresser. The service was great and the prices for everything were very reasonable for New York City!

Overall, I’d definitely say check this place out if you are in the vicinity! You will not be disappointed!! ūüėÄ


DIY Makeup Brush Holder

Hello everyone!

This post is about making a brush holder out of… a mug! I got the idea watching¬†Pursebuzz‘s video on a cute, pink, over-sized cup with attached saucer made out of iron. It was very big though, so she had to put a smaller cup in the middle with the actual brushes in it. It looks like it’s an outside decor item but it’s very creative to use it that way!

So I came up with an idea that would be perfect to add to the two gifts I was giving to my sister and boyfriend’s sister (who’s birthdays were coming up). I had bought my bf’s sister a bunch of Real Technique brushes (love them!) and my sister brushes/makeup I knew she would like (Milani Liquify Eyeliner, Covergirl Lash Blast original mascara (her fav), Ecotools brushes, ELF brushes, and a few other things I can’t remember).

I decided to head to the Dollar Tree to see if they had a glass or mug that I could decoupage. I have decoupaged other items as gifts and had tons of different colored tissue paper left over. I was looking for something that would be tall enough for long brushes but not too tall to fit the smaller travel sized/eye brushes. It also had to have a large enough rim but again, not TOO large like one of those big round cappuccino cups. This was probably the most challenging part of the whole project.

I finally narrowed my choice down to a shorter ceramic mug or a brandy type glass. In the end I chose the mug because I liked that it had a handle and grooves along the side.

cappuccino mug dollar tree dollar store white ceramic with grooves diy makeup brush glass cup

Dollar Tree mug!

Here are all the supplies I used and where I got them.

mod podge crafts decoupage mug diy brush holder cup glass

mod podge mixed with water in a cup mod podge crafts decoupage mug diy brush holder cup glass

Mod Podge mixed with some water in a plastic cup

  • mod podge and sponge came in a pack at AC Moore – I used a mixture of the mod podge with water in a plastic cup.
  • A stack of tissue paper which I got from AC Moore for pretty cheap as well a while back.
  • Two ribbons (a yellow and a silver) at AC Moore on sale for 50 cents each!
  • Mug and main tissue paper for the outside I got from the Dollar Tree.
  • I used a sparkly white tissue paper I received in one of my Birchboxes mixed with black on the inside.
  • Glue gun I bought at Walmart for around $10.

I decided the theme I would go for was yellow and gray. I think the combination is very classy/elegant and would match any bathroom/vanity/decor. At first I pictured making the mug gray and with yellow trim, but I found the perfect tissue paper at the dollar store that was the exact style I was going for!

pale yellow pastel shiny white glittery tissue paper ac moore dollar tree decoupage diy makeup brush holder

damask design tissue paper in gray and white diy makeup brush holder decoupage cup and black tissue paper DOLLAR TREE DOLLAR STORE

I started with the inside of the mug. I originally wanted it to be gray inside (after finding this cute paper for the outside) but did not have gray tissue paper and could not find it at the store. So, I tried to put black paper first and then the sparkly white.¬† It didn’t come out gray but I liked the effect anyway.

One layer of black and one layer of white (still wet):


Mugs with black tissue paper and then the shiny/glittery white tissue paper on top

After a few more layers of white, the finished inside:



After letting them dry completely (you can use a hairdryer in between layers), I started on the outside. For the outside I chose a pastel yellow (rather than a bright yellow) to go underneath the patterned tissue paper. I was afraid the bright one would show through too much and I’m glad I did the pastel because it was just the subtle effect I was going for, came out perfect.

One layer of pastel yellow:




I then added one layer of the patterned tissue. This was really tricky because of the grooves and shape of the mug. The mismatching of the pattern isn’t too noticeable though in the end result.





I made sure to put the yellow and patterned paper all the way to the bottom to make sure you could not see any part of the mug when it’s placed down. Also, I made the yellow and patterned paper overlap the rim of the mug because I was planning to cover it up anyway.

After I let it dry a bit, I made sure to go over the inside and outside with the mod podge a few times to make sure it was sealed and shiny (if left in the bathroom I didn’t want it getting ruined with humidity or water).

I then began with the ribbon. I first hot glued the silver ribbon along the inner rim of the mug to cover up the seam of the inside and outside tissue paper.


I was originally going to leave it at that and then add the yellow ribbon in the middle of the silver, but I decided to add another layer of the silver right below the first one.


I then added the bright yellow ribbon in between the two silver ones.


I picked the bright yellow rather than a pastel because I thought it needed a pop of color! I let it dry for a day or two and this is the finished mug!



I forgot to mention that I left the handles without anything on them. My sister saw me making them before I was done so I asked her advice on it and she told me she would rather it be bare. I figured it was probably for the best because it would be handled a lot (lol see what I did there?) and I don’t know how good it would hold up.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! Let me know what else you’d like to see and, if you tried this out I’d love to see pictures. I’m sure you can add rhinestones or glitter, even tulle; anything that suits your style! I have a few more posts to come. ūüėÄ

TL;DR — Just follow the pictures!