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Il Baretto : Restaurant Review

il baretto restaurant nyc review front door

Il Baretto is located in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. My friend Bianca and I decided on a whim to go there for lunch during IMATS which was around the corner from this place. We were famished and could not wait to sit down and rest for a bit while satisfying our appetite. One of the reviewers on yelp said it was a “hidden gem” and it had 5 stars from a good amount of people. I was hoping our experience would be the same…

and it was!

This place is very small, but super cozy with a great ambiance. They had a few tables to sit at as well as a coffee table penisula-d in by a  couch and some chairs for those who just wanted some wine, good company and a light dish. Bianca and I chose a table and the server brought us fresh water in a vase while we searched the menu. I decided to go with a half salad/half soup combo (think Panera) consisting of their Spinaci salad: spinach, avocado, sesame, cherry tomatoes and provolone and their soup of the day: mushroom lentil soup and a Sweet Alessia which is an espresso with hot chocolate, milk and whipped cream. Bianca went for a chicken salad wrap and a coffee.

After receiving our food, freshly ground pepper was offered to us for our meals, which I took advantage of 😀 The salad was fresh with a good amount of avocado (which I love!) and I fell in love with the mushroom lentil soup. The soup was a dark forest green, not your typical pea soup green, with black flecks which were probably spices. It had great texture for a creamier soup, no lumps or chewy bits which worked well for this soup because the flavors melded together better rather than tasting each flavor individually. And the taste was that of a delicious pea soup with a meatier flavor from the mushrooms. I could also taste a hint of olive oil which was refreshing and gave it a better smoother texture. In the end I ordered a second bowl of the soup on its own it was THAT delicious. The sweet alessia was perfect, it had just the right amount of bitter and sweet for me!

Bianca and I spent hours at this place just chatting away and catching up since it had been a while since we saw each other. All that time no one rushed us out or made us order anything more, very inviting, relaxing at home atmosphere. For those of you, like myself, who drink a ton of water and need to frequent the bathroom quite often you’ll be happy to know that the bathroom at Il Baretto was clean and had a cute mirrored dresser. The service was great and the prices for everything were very reasonable for New York City!

Overall, I’d definitely say check this place out if you are in the vicinity! You will not be disappointed!! 😀