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Dove Clinical Protection Review

Hey everyone!

I was at Target last week getting a few things that I ran out of and headed straight for the beauty clearance section. LOL I always check it out in case I see any great deals. Well I ended up seeing a bunch of Dove’s Clinical Protection deodorants on sale. They came in different smells but I chose the Clear Tone one because it said it would also help to lighten the dark parts of my pits! These were only $5.45 and came with a mini attached I hurried and bought one to try out.

dove clinical protection clear tone

Clearance at Target, Dove Clinical Protection Clear Tone deodorant/anti-perspirant

dove clinical protection original clean

Clearance at Target, Dove Clinical Protection Original Clean Mini (attached to full size Clear Tone)

I have used Secret’s pH Balanced deodorant in spring breeze for about 6-7 years now. I like the smell and thought it definitely helped me out the most when it came to body odor and sweating. I never thought I was one who needed a clinical deodorant but have always thought I would like to try one. I am a heavy sweater, profusely at times, which is embarrassing and not to mention I do get stinky! Most deodorants I have tried (even another Dove one) have never been able to control the odor, which is my main concern. Some wouldn’t even last a few hours! So, I didn’t have high hopes for this but I am glad I was wrong!

This is labeled as a deodorant and anti-perspirant, which I think it does both VERY well! It comes in a twist up package like most, but is not a solid. It twists up as a liquid/foam and then you can spread it under your arms. It was a little strange for me since I am so used to solids. I got used to it fast though. It has a pleasant scent which isn’t overpowering. It smells a little like baby powder. The first time I used it I wore it for two days (I was at home the second day not leaving the house at all so I thought I would shower at night to see the lasting power).

Dove Clinical Protection Clear Tone

Dove Clinical Protection Clear Tone

Dove Clinical Protection Clear Tone

Dove Clinical Protection Clear Tone

The first day I wore it I had a final and it was rainy and humid out all day. When it is humid out, my sweating goes from normal to DRENCH mode! Someone even asked me if I was okay because I looked awkward. I think he was just trying to be nice because my face was dripping wet! I don’t know why the humidity does that to me but needless to say it was a great day to test it out!

The second day wasn’t really humid anymore but I was doing many things around the house which caused me to work up a sweat since we didn’t have the air conditioning on. This is cause in NJ the weather is crazy and it’s hot one day and cold the next! Thank you Spring!

The night of the second day I smelled myself and barely smelled at all! Not to mention the deodorant lasted the whole time too! I even made my boyfriend smell and he was like WOW that is amazing! HAHA

After about a week, I’ve noticed that it also isn’t as drying as my other deodorant is which is really nice on my armpits. Especially since it’s getting warmer out and I’ll be shaving more often, they will be happy that they don’t get dried out on top of the irritation from shaving! As for the lightening of the dark pits, I don’t really have dark pits to begin with and I haven’t been using it for long enough to see if it did anything.

Anyways, I definitely recommend this to anyone who tends to smell a bit more than usual, sweats more than usual, or for anyone in the Summer. I know some Targets have different sale items but check your local one to see if they are on sale there, if not I’m sure you can find one online. Also, if you buy 2 deodorants or more at Target they give you $5 gift cards! Since I went back and bought 4 more for the summer my bf ended up getting $10! 😀 Check it out and let me know what you think of it in the comments! 😀

TL;DR– If you sweat/smell more than usual, whether in the Summer or all year long, def try this out!