TheBalm on Hautelook until 5/6/13

I have TheBalm’s Nude Tude palette ( I got with birchbox points!) and I love the colors! They are super pretty, the packaging is great and I use it all the time! Check this sale out and see if anything catches your eye! ๐Ÿ˜€




You know how I love TheBalm Makeup โ€“ They are on sale today at through Tuesday โ€“ 50% off!! Some of these items had sold out when had their sale, so hereโ€™s another chance to get my Down Boy matte blush, for example. Urg โ€“ last night I bought the Runway Blush from Two Cosmetics.ย  I used discount code IPSTER to Save 25% and get FREE SHIPPING and a FREE LIP GLOSS (from April Ipsy bag).

**UPDATE 5/4/13- I just placed my order for the Nude โ€˜Tude Palette $18 + 5.95 shipping. I saw that some items were already selling out and I have wanted it for a while now, I decided this was the time to get it! Yippee

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